Low energy

Well, I haven’t blogged much recently. It’s because:

1. I’m discouraged. When I worked at the NCT, I saw writing stories that incorporated scientific issues as a way to get a different, more science-targeted job some day. Now, I miss covering environmental issues, but Georgia issues seem lame compared to San Diego County. What kind of job do I really want?

Sending out freelancing queries seems like shouting into the wind. Some months ago, I sent out a handful of queries related to Rancho Guejito with little response. Having gone to Santa Cruz should help “get the foot in the door” a tiny bit (a quantum of solace, heh). But I imagine it helps people in DC who pester editors regularly, not boring old QE who worked for a local newspaper.

2. It feels like working. Should I be blogging everything I run into having to do with stem cells? I probably cast too wide a net when coming up with the scheme for this blog initially.

3. One colleague said I should avoid writing criticism of anything as long as my name and university affiliation are out there. Well, criticism is a big part of blogs. Hard to write under that directive.

Now that I’ve complained a bit, I have to think some more about how to restart this blog under a framework that will be more FUN. Sustainability – it’s not just an environmental buzzword.


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