Them’s fighting words

Rob Davis at Voice of San Diego cracks me up.

Recently he was in a protracted struggle with Mayor Sanders’ office over a CPRA (California Public Records Act) request. He had requested internal mayoral office e-mails dealing with plans for water cuts, and for whatever reason, Sanders’ people didn’t want to release them. So Rob bombards his readers with stories like “Pudgil Watch, Update 11” (Darren Pudgil is the mayor’s spokesman) and eventually threatens to sue.

I can’t discern whether Rob got anything useful at the end of all this process.

My experience with CPRA/FOIA requests is slim. A few years ago, I got great results from asking the San Diego County DPLU office for emails about Rancho Guejito. But subsequent requests to Supervisor Bill Horn’s office, eh, not much came back. Don’t know if they excluded interesting emails or simply never email about anything interesting.

Anyway, this time Rob has records describing the San Diego Airport Authority’s officials living well at the public’s expense. And he apparently has a sharp exchange with chairman Bob Watkins:

He suggested that a reporter couldn’t relate to business class travelers because the reporter didn’t make enough money. Watkins compared‘s examination of authority expenses to a “person who works for the Internal Revenue Service who’s making $40,000 a year and goes in and audits someone who lives in a $1 million home or $2 million home. They’re going to be skewed in terms of, ‘Wow, I don’t have that.'”

Them’s fighting words! I can imagine an offended reporter thinking “I could have been a rich slimeball like you, but I chose to serve the public honorably!”


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