My name is Quinn Eastman and I maintain this blog. I have worked as a biochemistry researcher and as a newspaper reporter – that’s where the name of the blog comes from.

I work for Emory University School of Medicine as a science writer, writing press releases and university-sponsored magazine articles. I took this job in late 2007 after three years covering local government, business and environmental issues at the North County Times in Escondido, California.

In a previous life, I studied Wnt signaling as a postdoc in Munich, and before that, earned my Ph.D. at Yale University with work on the mechanism of VDJ recombination.

I made the transition from pipette to pen with the help of the Science Communication program at UC Santa Cruz.

This blog covers biomedical research and environmental/energy issues. More specifically: stem cells, nanotechnology, agricultural biotech, wildfires, clean air + water + energy.

My policy is to avoid either promoting or criticizing Emory University research or other Emory University matters, in order to reduce the likelihood of conflict with my job. Opinions expressed here do not reflect those of Emory University.

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